We are here to help
when warning light appears on your car’s dashboard

We empower the relationship between Car Owner, Car and Workshop

Real-time information sharing from the car to the workshop allowing for

  • Proactive assistance to customers in case of urgent errors
  • More informed decision making
  • More qualified assistance when customers calls
  • Intelligent planning opportunities by knowing the exact state of the cars, before they actually arrive at the workshop

Expectation levelling with the customer because the customer is better prepared.

Easy communication with customers, through the channels that the customer prefers.

Customers can easily book appointment through app, which will free up time for proactive assistance.

We understand cars, people and businesses

Connected Cars A/S has deep roots and knowledge about the “front end” of the Automotive industry due to our close relationship with the biggest car import company in Denmark, Semler Group A/S.

We have deep insight into what it means to be a car owner or user of one. The emotional values, that owning and using a car represent for the owner.

We understand what it means to provide excellent customer service in every step of the customer journey – whether you’re buying or leasing a new car or simply visiting a workshop.