Get access to data from thousands of cars and users without the hardware costs

Insurance solutions

The future is going to become increasingly connected, and vehicle data is still a widely untapped resource.

At Connected Cars, we collect and store large volumes of car data and have therefore the optimal playground to test new solutions. We offer access to a wide range of data elements from driving patterns, fuel usage and parking preferences to car technical information such as which errors occur, when in the lifetime of the car, and why.

Our Data Science team is prepared to deliver ready-made insights, as well as access to real-time or historical raw data depending on your needs. Regardless of format, all data lives up to our strict GDPR requirements.

Solutions based on data from connected cars

Traffic solutions

Every day millions of hours are wasted in traffic queues, and accidents happen due to dangerous roads. Using vehicle data, you can monitor and predict the flow of traffic, as well as apply insights on driving behavior to detect areas on the road that may need attention. Connected Cars supplies real-time and historical anonymized data that can provide great insights into road traffic and safety.

Insurance solutions

Insurance solutions

Insurance providers with data about their customers’ usage can offer tailor-made products. Connected Cars provides access to data needed to build and test models and ideas for the future of insurance providers. All that without any hardware investments on your side. Digitalize the way you calculate risk, perform claim handling and offer products.

Insurance solutions
Leasing solutions

Leasing solutions

Leasing companies can get access to a wide range of data on the vehicles in their fleet, like mileage, service and maintenance data, fuel usage, driving behavior and more. This makes it easier to adjust leasing agreements as needed and stay on top of planning and keeping track of costs for individual vehicles. Moreover, having a data-driven history of a car can help leasing companies get a better price and resell a car quicker, as the new owner gets complete transparency about the car they’re buying.

Data solutions partnerships

Data collected from connected cars can create new and innovating services or simply increase your current offering to your customers. We provide access to real-time data from thousands of cars and users. This means that as our partner, you can develop and test your products based on real-life cases and prepare for a future where car connectivity is a given.


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