Frequently asked questions

You can find answers to the most common questions below or contact us using chat if your question is missing.

When can I get it?
Expect Q2 2017
Will it fit my old car?
We are compatible with all models within Skoda, Audi, VW, and Seat ~10 years back.
What do I get by signing up my car to Connected Cars?
The list of features will continue to grow but expect features related to repairs, emergency situations, basic status like “Find my car” etc.
What kinds of data do you get?
The following data will be collected and stored in our secure cloud.
- Data on the technical condition of the car including fault codes
- Position of the car (GPS)
- Accelerometer readings
Will my position constantly be tracked?
In short, no. Your car's position will be treated with the utmost respect and will therefore not be accessible for neither us nor our partners unless there is an emergency. The exact location is only accessible to you for services like "Find My Car", "Trip Overview" etc. The position of yours and thousands of other cars will be collected in an impersonalized format to understand traffic patterns, road conditions and much more to improve your driving experience in the future and can not be traced back to you.
Who owns my data?
The data generated by your car is owned by you. By using Connected Cars A/S (CC) you agree that CC is allowed to use your data to provide you with promised features.
Can I turn my data on/off as I please?
Yes, you can always cancel data transfer, however your app will lose it’s functionality and not be up-to-date. You can also temporarily snooze data transfer.
Do I have to use authorized workshops or can I choose to get my car serviced where I want?
Yes, you are free to service your car at any workshop you prefer, however the system (app) will only support Volkswagen authorized workshops. This means that other unauthorized workshops will not be able to access your car's data through the CC solution.