How we handle your application

Depending on what job you are applying for we look for different things, but below you can find a general description for our technical team.

Engineering or technical jobs

What we look for is:

  • Work experience
  • Open source participation
  • Experience in more than one technology stack
  • Relevant education, e.g. computer science
  • Practical experience with the technology stack you would be using at Connected Cars

If your profile is interesting we normally give you a call to tell a bit more about Connected Cars, the job and go in depth with your experience. If both sides still think it’s a good match you will be invited for an interview.

At the interview we will give a presentation of Connected Cars and the interviewers and also ask you to give a short presentation of yourself and your background. We will subsequently move into a technical interview where we will look at code examples and build something in a technology you are familiar with.

Data Policy

We might as part of the evaluation process access any relevant public information about you, e.g. LinkedIn, Github, etc. We do this to fill any gaps in the information you provide and to get a better idea of a job fit.

Data retentions

When applying for a job at Connected Cars we will keep your application and any related information we have gathered for up to 5 months. If you end up joining our team, we will process your personal data as described in our HR privacy policy.

If you would like us to remove it before then please contact us at