Connected Cars is innovation.

Let's cooperate to unleash the benefits of connectivity for users, stakeholders and society in general.

Data is the oil of our time. Data is already transforming our lives and at Connected Cars, we believe that our users’ data holds the potential to help solving many problems that we as society, businesses and citizens live with every day. We wish to help to improve time spent commuting, create a greener planet, make our roads safer and much more.

The Connected Cars solution offers endless possibilities. Can you imagine what real time access to mobility patterns could do for traffic management? Or what about data-driven ride sharing to enable convenient, low cost and greener commuting? Or what if you think about connected vehicles as rolling weather stations reporting real time? We believe in co-creation and shared solutions and wish to fuel your business with the data you need. So get in touch!

We believe in in co-creation and shared solutions, so get in touch with your idea!