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Dealerships and importers

Connects you to your customers – and your customers to your dealerships.

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Fleet owners

Unique, real time overview of your fleet including vehicle technical condition.

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Real-time data to unleash the benefits of connectivity for users, stakeholders and society.

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Volkswagen + Connected Cars

We helped Volkswagen build customer loyalty and add a technical advantage to their customers. A free Connected Cars service is being offered to all customers with a Volkswagen model year 2008 or later.

Adding value for both dealerships and customers
  • 90% of customers chose to have the Connected Cars service installed free of charge in their Volkswagen
  • 15,000+ installations in three months
  • Connects customers closer to preferred dealerships
  • Lets car owners view the state of their car at a glance
  • Direct line of communication between dealerships and customers
  • Dealerships knows the state of their customer’s cars in near real-time and can help them proactively

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MinVolkswagen is a digital service to the Volkswagen customers – an attempt to make them feel connected to and in control of their cars. At the same time it's also a service to our dealerships. Enabling them to keep tabs on customer's cars, be more efficient in the production and deliver 5-star customer satisfaction.
Ulrik Drejsig, Brand Manager - Volkswagen DK

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