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when warning lights appear on your car’s dashboard

You probably know the feeling when a warning light on your car’s dashboard appears and you are desperate to know what it means and what to do in the situation. Is it safe for me to drive on? What should I do?

We’ve created a solution that gives you the answer.

Connected Cars will make your car experience more intelligent and convenient

Connected Cars is a product dedicated to bringing your car into the digital age and providing you with tangible benefits

Explanations and recommendations when engine lights are turned on
Automatic emergency calls when your car reports a crash with an indication of the position
Proactive care from your workshop ensuring that your car is always safe and reliable
By connecting your car to the platform you can concentrate on driving and have peace of mind, knowing that you are safe and covered.

Connected Cars + Volkswagen

We helped Volkswagen build customer loyalty and add a technical advantage to their cars. The free Connected Cars solution is being offered to all customers with a Volkswagen model year 2008 or later.

Go to minvolkswagen.dk to read more.

We empower the relationship between Car Owner, Car and Workshop

To learn more about our B2B offering and schedule a demo please visit our connect your business page.

The team behind Connected Cars is highly skilled

and complementary with a successful track record of startups incl. MobilePay
Connected Cars company owned by Semler Gruppen A/S

Lauge Braender
Jakob Parslov
Frederik Klovborg
Sam Thomson
Claudia Buchardt
Daniel Aakjær Sørensen
Vi mangler dig!

We are currently looking for new talents to help us transform this market in an exciting way. For more information, see our careers page


Data protection and data privacy are essential virtues at Connected Cars. Our systems have been carefully designed for maximum protection so that you can feel safe, knowing that only your trusted circle of service providers will gain access to the general data about your car.

Curious to know ...

Q: When can I get it?
A: Expect Q2 2017

Q: Will it fit my old car?
A: We are compatible with all models within Skoda, Audi, VW, and Seat ~10 years back.

Q: What do I get by signing up my car to Connected Cars?
A: The list of features will continue to grow but expect features related to repairs, emergency situations, basic status like “Find my car” etc.

To find out more please visit our FAQ page.


For inquiries regarding press material or other press related question, please contact us at press@connectedcars.dk