Get a unique, real time overview of your fleet and how the vehicles are being driven.

If you manage a larger fleet of cars, The Connected Cars solution can finally help you get a real time overview of the essential information you need.

Overview at a glance

With the Connected Cars solution you can get the full overview of any car in your fleet at a glance. Our administrator tool lets you check everything from the car's position to the state of the engine.

  • Large scale maintenance made easy

    The Connected Cars service makes it easy to keep up with needed repairs and check-ups for the whole fleet. You can view your service data and more easily dispatch cars to preferred workshops.

  • Survey how the cars are being driven

    With the Connected Cars service you get plenty of information on your cars. For how long is the engine running idle? How hard does the car turn? And more. Everything can be viewed in our administrator tool.

  • Help your drivers

    Having the Connected Car unit installed is a way of helping your drivers drive responsibly. In the Connected Cars app, your drivers can view how their driving behaviour impacts the car and get advice to drive more economically.

  • Survey fuel consumption

    With the administrator tool you can view the fuel consumption of your fleet and look for any possibilities of optimizing.


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