Connected Cars Device

Smart vehicle diagnostics and driving behavior insights

The Connected Cars device is a hardware unit easily installed in most vehicles manufactured after 2008, which collects raw vehicle data - making owning, driving or maintaining a car much simpler.

By hooking into a vehicle’s on-board diagnostics, our device helps workshops digitalize the diagnostics process and provide their customers with proactive vehicle care.

How it works

The Connected Cars device is installed in the vehicle’s OBD II port, from where it dives deep into the car’s health and status. It’s typically hidden behind the dashboard, so the vehicle will stay connected its entire lifetime. It collects a much wider range of data than the original OBD II, and it sends all data in real time to the Connected Cars cloud.

Many modern cars come out of the factory with a telematics device already installed - when that’s the case, we simply make an integration to our platform and collect the data from the existing telematics device. Relevant data is then displayed on our Workshop system, Fleet Management System, and Driver App.

A broad range of data

An overview of the different types of raw data collected by our device

Easy to install

The Connected Cars device is easy to install and does not typically require more than 4-5 minutes per vehicle - even less with some practice.

In need of a quick solution and not as much data?

If you’re looking for a quick plug-in device that only collects standard on-board diagnostics data, we offer a front-mounted device that requires no installation.

Simply plug it into the vehicle’s original OBD II port and you’re good to go.

Connectivity benefits everyone

The raw data collected by the Connected Cars device has a wide range of applications, which benefit everyone from car owners, to fleet managers, and workshops.

  • Fleet managers get a usage overview, can optimize the fleet and save fuel costs.
  • Workshops can be proactive and offer better service to their customers.
  • Car owners get a better understanding of their driving behavior and trips.

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